iinHaus Quartz Overlay Surfaces – The stone that fits on top

iinHaus Quartz Surfaces are made from natural quartz which is one of the primary minerals found in the earth’s continental crust. It is known for it’s hardness and durability.  iinHaus Quartz Surfaces are an engineered stone, manufactured in Italy, using 94% Quartz and a 6% Resin binding agent.
The product is perfect for covering existing surfaces as well as forming complete new worktops, backsplashes and upstands.
Colours shown are approximate. For actual colour swatches please visit the showroom.
bianco argento
bianco carino
bianco dolce
bianco latte
bianco neve
bianco raffino
bianco riso
calacatta bianco
cielo argento
crema argento
crema riso
grigio argento
grigio fino
grigio leggiero
nuvolo riso
sabbia riso
sasso grigio
sasso riso
venato bianco
venato fino